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Innisfree 6 Variety Mini Masks (30ml) - RM20 each

Blueberry Firming Mask
Innisfree Blueberry Firming Mask is a cooling lifting wash-off mask that is enriched with Finland blueberry. It is anti-aging and moisturizing.
It is GMO / mineral oil / chemical / alcohol / triclosan / benzophenone and paraben free.

Aloe Soothing Gel Mask
Innisfree Aloe Soothing Gel Mask is a calming and moisturizing wash-off mask. It contains aloe, a very permeating ingredient that can sink deep into the skin. This ingredient is rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acid, and polysaccharides. The mask is highly moisturizing, relaxing and cooling. It is recommended for after sun repair in the summer, for sensitive skin and for dry skin.
It is alcohol / materials of animal-origin / mineral oil and benzophenone free.

Almond Sugar Scrub
Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub removes dead skin cells to improve cell renewal rate, which aids in the better absorption of skincare products. It is GMO / mineral oil / chemical / alcohol / triclosan / benzophenone and paraben free.

Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask SOLD OUT!
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a Jeju volcanic scoria clay mask to intensively adsorb sebum and purify pores. Jeju volcanic scoria is formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island. This pure and rare ingredient adsorbs impurities and sebum that are deeply embedded within skin pores. 

Red Ginseng Mask
Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask is a moisturizing nutritive wash-off mask. It is formulated with highly nutritive extract of 6-years-old red ginseng grown in Korea, and valuable and rare materials of medicinal use such as angelica sinensis radix and the hairy antlers of a young stag. A product of modern and advanced technology, it replenishes skin with nutrients within a very short period of time for moisturization. It leaves skin radiant and regenerated.

Olive Heating Massage Mask
Contains essences of pure herb Olive that provides deep moisture to the skin and also increases skin's ability to retain moisture.

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