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Meiji Amino Collagen (Hot Selling!)

We say ...
A spoonful a day, let your youthful skin stay!

MEIJI Amino Collagen by Meiji Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 best selling potable collagen in Japan for 6 consecutive years! *  

Featured in the Oprah Winfrey Show: Japanese Beauty Secrets! To watch this video, click on the video on the right side of the page! If unable to load, watch it here .

So why choose Meiji Amino Collagen? Meiji Amino Collagen, derived from fish collagen peptide, has 1.5 times better absoption to the body than other animal derived collagen. One suggested daily dosage (about 7 g) contains 5000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, also has enhance effectiveness from the combination of 3 essential components: 450 mg Arginine (amino acid), 60 mg Glucosamine and 50 mg Vitamin C. This is an easily dissolve powder formula, plain natural flavour, suggested to be taken with any type of beverage, hot or cold! i.e. with coffee, juice, milk, yogurt, etc. 

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Made in Japan

200g can 28 days' supply 
214g refill 30 days' supply
Bonus: Now with 10% extra 214g + extra 10%=236g  (30 + 3 days' supply)

Value Set 1 can + 2 refill
RM350 including poslaju!
limited stock, only 2 left!

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