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Aloe Sunscreen BB Cream#1 Aloe Sunscreen BB Cream #1 Radiant Skin SPF20 PA+
An excellent soothing treatment with UV protection (SPF20 PA++), it especially suits people with sensitive skin. This cream leaves skin feeling moisturized while it corrects skin tone for a naturally air-brushed complexion.

Retail: RM 54.90

WN Price: RM 45

Peach Sake Pore Serum#2 Peach Sake Pore Serum
Enriched with Vitamin C serum that contains peach and sake extracts. Tightens pores and controls excess sebum.
Retail: RM 57.90

WN Price: RM 45

Rice Mask Wash Off#3 Rice Mask Wash Off
Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and gamma oryzanol. Moisturizes and whitens the skin.

Retail: RM 44

WN Price: RM 39


M Signature Real Complete BB Cream#1 M Signature Real Complete BB cream SPF25PA++ Light Pink Beige (45g)
Skin Lipid which is similar to our skin and patent ingredient of Amino Acid Complex strengthen Natural Moisture Factor & balance oil & moisture on the skin to help makeup well. With fine particles by micro multi rolling grinding technology & botanical ingredients of skin melting, it softly and lightly adheres to the skin, but with perfect coverage, leaving the skin comfortable & clean for up to 12 hours.
Retail: USD$45.99
WN Price: RM 110

Near Skin Visible Deep Wrinkle Filler#2 Near Skin Visible Deep Wrinkle Filler
Highly concentrated WRINKLE FILLER which fully covers wrinkles on the OUTER surface & works to improve the maintenance of fine lines & wrinkles in the INNER surface.
Retail: USD$34.99
WN Price: RM 107

Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling#3 Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling
An Essence Peeling Gel made with micro peeling technology that produces micro oxygen particle that penetrates deeply into skin to eliminate dead skin cells without scrubbing and provide nutrition to the deepest layer of the skin.

Retail: USD
WN Price: RM 70


Backstage Gel Eyeliner#1 Backstage Gel Eyeliner
Back Stage Gel Eyeliner (brush attached) #01 Black

WN Price: RM 43

Tony Tint#2 Tony Tint
Unlike lip gloss, lip tint is not thick nor sticky but makes your lips look gorgeous! Don't be put off by how red the tint looks in the bottle! Lip tint actually gives your lips a nice and natural finish. Also can be used as cheek stain.
WN Price: RM 25

Appletox Peeling Cream#3 Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
Multi-functional cream that effectively removes Keratin and double up as a massage cream with a nourishing pack function. Containing Green Apple extract, AHA and Papaya extract, this Appletox pack provides excellent exfoliation of dead skin cells and aged Keratin. Skin is kept smooth and radiant.
Retail: S$27.90
WN Price: RM 45


Raspberry Slim&Lift Sleeping Mask#1 Raspberry Slim&Lift Sleeping Mask
This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts skin, tightens pores and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience. Nourishes, hydrates and relaxes skin through the night. Skin feels supple and smooth in the morning after cleansing. Eye bags are significantly smaller and dark eye circles are lighter after using a few times.
Retail: RM 99.90
WN Price: RM 60

Ice Flower Hydra Cream
#2 Ice Flower Hydra Cream
Uniquely formulated with micro-encapsulated beads of Alpine Glacial Water, this invigorating moisturizing line delivers energy and minerals for revitalization, keeping skin glowing and hydrated all day long.
Retail: RM 65.90
WN Price: RM 50

White Tree EX Bright Black Mousse Pack#3 White Tree EX Bright Black Mousse Pack
Say buh-bye to uneven and dull skin with
White Tree's Black Alchemy Brightening Mask. More than magical, this spa-quality beauty treatment helps bring back the light to your complexion. Fun to use, the mousse mask is black in color, yet it actually brightens and illuminates your skin.
Retail: RM 89.90
WN Price: RM 72


O2 Pore Mask Pack#1 O2 Pore Mask Pack Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack is specially designed for T-zone and nose wing use. The mint extract can effectively clear the impurities inside the pores, leaving your skin a brighten look.
Retail: N/A

WN Price:RM 50

Olive Real Eye Cream#2 Olive Real Eye Cream
Innisfree Olive Real Eye Cream contains fresh harvest of olive hydrating ingredients to perform maximum moisture care for skin. It contains organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which hydrates and softens skin. It could be absorbed quickly by skin and give instant hydration for delicate eye skin. Fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags are visibly reduced.
Retail: N/A

WN Price: RM 62

Herb No Sebum Powder(Mint)#3 Herb No Sebum Powder (Mint)
Herb No Sebum Powder-Mint is a talc-based compact powder made from herbs effectively controls sebum and gives a minty, smooth feel.

Retail: N/A

WN Price: RM 29


The Prestige BB Cream#1 The Prestige BB Cream
Luxury BB Cream that presents the splendid beauty of Jewel. Triple function BB Cream with the premium skincare effects of jewel and peptide MX complexes which keeps skin look smooth and bright.

Retail: RM 99

WN Price: RM 78

Sue Hydrating Gel#2 Sue Hydrating Gel
Gel Cream that provides abundant moisture
. Ingredients such as phyto calciferol and aloe forms a moisture band on dehydrated skin to give repose to skin tired from exposure to outside irritants while maintaining moisture and vitality to the skin all day.
Retail: N/A
WN Price: RM 52

Rose Moisture Mask#3 Rose Moisture Mask
This mask contains refreshing rose petals, delivering the moisture and vitamins of rose petals to dehydrated skin to moisture skin from the inside to help maintain resilient and lively skin.

Retail: RM
WN Price: RM 70

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