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First of, the most-raved Omija Whitening series ...

1. Omija Whitening Teabag Toner [Brightening Effect] - RM85
A toner with a cold-brew dry Omija tea bag and active contents that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex

*How to Cold-Brew Omija Tea Bag
1. Open the toner lid, turn the packing and then dip the tea bag into the toner.
2. Leave for 1 minute, shake the toner gently and then remove the tea bag.
3. Shake the toner gently and then open the small cap on the packing to use.
4. After washing face, dispense an ample amount onto a cotton pad and wipe face in outward motions, or use palms and pat skin gently.
For optimum results, use the toner within 3~4 months. Keep it refrigerated or store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

2. Omija Whitening Emulsion [Brightening Effect] - RM85
An emulsion that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects. For day use. After toner or serum application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorbed.

3. Omija Whitening Serum [Brightening Effect] - RM89
An serum that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

4. Omija Whitening Cream [Brightening Effect] - RM132
An cream that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects. For night use.

5. Omija Whitening Complexion Cream #1: For pale skin tone/#2: For dark skin tone - RM70
A skin-brightening makeup base that contains a patent-awarded oriental herbal extract with Omija, white mulberry bark, and licorice root along with niacin amide, a clinically proven skin-lightening ingredient, to promote a more translucent and purer complexion.
[Oriental Herbal Extract: IPEERES's Material Patent No. 10-0891294] Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase enzymes, that cause the overproduction of melanin, to prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation.

6. Omija Complexion Pact #1 Light beige/ #2 Natural Beige - RM80
A pact that creates a brighter and more luminous complexion with a patent-awarded oriental herbal extract with Omija, White Mulberry Bark, and Licorice Root . Formulated with the Wet Process technology, this pact contains a high amount of the brightening effect ingredients. Fine silica beads impart a silky matte finish and glides smoothly on for a fresh and natural-looking makeup look. Containing velvet mineral powder, this pact applies smoothly and softly to create a satin complexion.

The ancient rice that varies in colour, namely, heuktomi jeoktomi, noktomi, are exclusively enjoyed by the royal family in the past. These precious rice contains rich nutritional value:
- Jeoktomi: good polyphenol antioxidant nutrients in red soil treat aging skin.
- Noktomi: a striking green chlorophyll is an excellent anti-inflammatory.
- Heuktomi: dark coloured rice contains anthocyanins that improves skin elasticity.

1. Ancient Rice First Serum - RM96
Contains the 3 described ancient rice that helps moisturise, nourish and firms skin from within. Use after cleansing and before toner application. Apply an adequate amount onto the face. The first serum allows better absorption of skincare.

2. Ancient Rice Toner - RM79
A toner with active ingredients from three different types of ancient rice that combines essential oil and water to moisturize, nourish, and firm skin from within.

3. Ancient Rice Serum - RM86
Apply adequate amount onto skin after Ancient Rice Toner.

4. Ancient Rice Emulsion - RM79
Apply after serum. Emulsion is for morning use.

5. Ancient Rice Cream - RM86
A cream with active ingredients from three different types of ancient rice.

6. Ancient Rice Powder Foam - RM56
A special cleanser in powder foam that contains the 3 coloured ancient rice. To use, pour little amount of powder onto palms, pour adequate amount of water and and rub till it foams. Massage onto face and rinse with warm water.

7. Ancient Rice Pack - RM76
* Components
- Ancient Rice Essence: Ancient Rice containing the active ingredient enriched with serum (10g x 6 pieces)
- Ancient Rice Powder: Finely ground flour that contains the essential ancient rice powder (2.5gx 6 pieces)
To use, mix powder and essence in given essence container. Spread onto face, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

8. Ancient Rice Mask Sheet - RM17
To use, apply sheet mask onto face, leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask sheet and pat skin to absorb the remaining essences.

This range contains nutrition and moist ingredients from adzuki beans(red beans) that provide hydration to the skin.

1. Red Bean BB Cream SPF20 PA+ #1 Light Beige/ #2 Natural Beige - RM50
Before makeup, apply a thin layer of red bean BB cream for natural finish.

2. Red Bean Two-Way Cake SPF28 PA++ #1 Light Beige/ #2 Natural Beige - RM56

Clockwise from top-left:
1. Black Egg Pore Serum - RM46
A pore-smoothing serum with a powdery finish that contains egg extract to tighten enlarged pores while controlling excessive sebum and oiliness. Your skin will look firm and velvety smooth, like a fresh boiled egg. Enriched with albumin, egg white extract promotes firmer skin and smaller pores.
* To Use
After toner application, apply gently onto the entire face, especially desired T-zone and check areas until the serum is absorbed completely.

2. Black Egg Pore Primer - RM44
A pore-smoothing makeup primer that immediately turns into a velvety matte texture to effectively conceal enlarged pores and fine wrinkles.
Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white.
* To Use
Apply a small amount evenly on target areas to smooth out enlarged pores and fine wrinkles.
Make sure to smooth the primer following the direction of the pores.

3. Black Egg Pore Foundation #1 Light Beige/#2 Natural Beige - RM57
A pore-smoothing foundation that gently melts onto skin into a velvety matte texture. Effectively conceal enlarged pores and fine wrinkles.
* To Use
Comes with a foundation brush. Use foundation brush for even application.

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